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Electricity in Botswana


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Executive Summary for Electricity in Botswana
Electricity in Botswana - The electricity sector in Botswana has been hampered by both low access to power by the population, and an extremely limited generating capacity. In the past the small generating capacity has been compensated for by the ready import of power from South Africa. However a power shortage in the latter means that exports are being significantly curtailed so that several countries in the Southern African Power Pool including Botswana must increase their own generating capacity to compensate. Capacity is being expanded with a major new power plant using Chinese contractors, but the project is behind schedule, and the Botswana Power Corporation is having to use emergency diesel generation to meet the shortfall. Over the medium term there are plans for further significant capacity expansion so that all demand can be met from within Botswana and that, potentially, Botswana could use its coal reserves to become an exporter of power. Plans to attract independent power producers will depend on an overhaul of the regulatory framework, currently underway, and the establishment of electricity tariffs determined by market rates. If this can be achieved then the Botswana appears to offer opportunities for a range of both generation, transmission and distribution projects.
Botswana has established itself as one of the most stable democracies in Southern Africa. Botswana has major coal reserves and one of the highest solar intensities in the continent.
Key features of this report
• An overview of the electricity market in Botswana.
• Power supply data covering production, imports and exports and the main production sources.
• Power demand data by market sector and tariff data.
• An overview of the structure of the electricity sector with government and private sector companies as well as the regulatory status.
• Power demand forecasts and the development of the power sector to meet expected growth.
• Transmission system expansion plans.
Key benefits from reading this report
• What are the key energy resources in Botswana for power production.
How is the country overcoming the effects of power shortage?
What are the key developments in electricity infrastructure?
Who are the key players in market? 
What are the investment opportunities in the country?
Key Market Issues in Electricity in Botswana
This report is a Country Profile, covering:-
Power generation capacity by fuel input
Electricity networks
Current power market trends
Generation growth
Investment opportunities
Future project plans
Key findings of this report
1.Imports of refined petroleum products are estimated to be between 15,000bbl/day and 20,000bll/day.
2.There are reserves of coal-bed methane, put at 990tn m3.
3.The highest voltage lines are 220kV linking the Morupule power station site to the main urban centres.
4.There are several remote grids operating in addition to the main grid, including one in the west that takes power from Namibia and one in the north.
5.Demand for electricity in Botswana has been increasing steadily over the past thirty years.
Key questions answered by this report
1.How does Botswana generate its electricity?
2.What is the status of the national electricity market?
3.What are the key developments in electricity infrastructure?
4.Who are the key players in market?
5.What are the future prospects for investment in Botswana?
Who this report is for
Power utility strategists, energy analysts, research managers, power sector manufacturers, power developers, investors in renewables systems and infrastructure, renewable energy developers, energy/power planning managers, energy/power development managers, governmental organisations, system operators, companies investing in renewable power infrastructure and generation, investment banks, infrastructure developers and investors, intergovernmental lenders, energy security analysts.
Why buy Electricity in Botswana
• To utilise in-depth assessment and analysis of the current and future technological and market state of power, carried out by an industry expert with 30 years in the power generation industry.
• Use cutting edge information and data.
• Use the highest level of research carried out. expert analysis to say what is happening in the market and what will happen next.
• Have the 'what if' questions answered.
• Save time and money by having top quality research done for you at a low cost.
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Electricity in Botswana
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Country profile of power market trends and investment opportunities
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December 2013
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